Business Units

The operational business of the Schaltbau Group is divided into three segments: Mobile Transportation Technology, Stationary Transportation Technology – subdivided into the two business fields of Rail Infrastructure and Brake Systems – and the Components segment. The segments work together closely with the aim of supplying customers comprehensively from one single source and leveraging synergies.

Mobile Transportation Technology

Schaltbau Bode Group

  • Door systems for rail vehicles, bus and automotive
  • Interiors and exteriors for rail vehicles and buses
  • Service and Refurbishment

Schaltbau Alte Group

  • Sanitary systems for rail vehicles
  • HVAC for rail vehicles

Schaltbau Sepsa Group

  • Auxiliary power for rail vehicles
  • Information and communication systems for rail vehicles

Schaltbau Refurbishment

  • e-Mobility
  • Rapid Chargers for e-buses and e-cars
  • Refurbishment of rail vehicles and rail vehicle components
  • Electrical installations for rail vehicles
  • Obsolescence solutions
  • Service

Stationary Transportation Technology

Schaltbau Pintsch Group

Rail Infrastructure

  • Signal technology
  • Point heating systems
  • Shunting technology
  • Tunnel security lighting
  • Platform screen doors


Schaltbau GmbH Group

Electromechanical components for

  • rail vehicles
  • energy generation
  • material handling
  • and other industrial applications

Driver desk and cab for

  • rail vehicles