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SB38 disc brake with BUEL® thruster BL600-8

  • Delivery date: 11/2014
  • Location: Schacht Konrad, Germany
  • Product category: Industrial Brakes

The brakes are used to hold/stop an OLKO multi rope winding system of an underground mine hoist.The winch can be used as a platform winch, cable winch or rope winch. Each brake is providing a brake torque of 101556 Nm. During an emergency case, e.g. cracking of the gear box shaft, the brakes must be able to stop the winch within the shortest possible time in order to avoid the unreeling of the cable (wire rope).

The main reason for placing the order with Schaltbau Pintsch Bubenzer was the fast setting time of the BUEL® thruster. By providing a closing time of less than 100 ms, it can be guaranteed that the freefall period of the cable during an emergency case is minimized as well as the kinetic energy that has to be dissipated. The system is fail safe, easy to maintain and provides the main sensors to indicate the brake status.