Schaltbau Group companies are among the market leaders in their various fields of technological expertise. Their highly specific knowledge and outstanding level of innovation in the products they develop and manufacture have earned them the trust and confidence of their customers. They continually strive to enhance the market positions they have achieved through selective research and development activities, by expanding their international market share and by strengthening their business model on a group-wide basis. In a united effort, we want to continue improving safety, comfort and efficiency in the transportation of both people and goods and help create and shape the mobility of tomorrow in all key growth markets. To accomplish these aims, the Schaltbau Group pursues four strategic principles.

Global Growth

The companies of the Schaltbau Group establish regional production and development units in order to react swiftly to market changes, enter new markets, benefit specifically from the advantages of certain countries or procurement markets, and satisfy the ever-growing requirement for local content.

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The Schaltbau Group safeguards its technological edge with a high rate of investment. In particular, adding intelligently designed and developed products and solutions to the Group’s range gives rise to innovative, unique product characteristics that significantly contribute towards improving competitiveness.

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Operating Excellence

The Schaltbau Group supports its customers in their endeavour to provide competitive products and services on a sustained basis. We are continually improving the efficiency of every link in the value-added chain through standardisation, modularisation and a lean approach. The ongoing integration and interconnectedness of systems and components is providing additional potential.


New Business Fields

The solutions the Schaltbau Group develops for specific modes of transportation or logistics applications are systematically tested for suitability in other fields. For example, the Group’s intelligent boarding and door systems, which were originally developed for rolling stock, are meanwhile also installed in buses, commercial vehicles and passenger cars.

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